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Product Feature

The Strider ST-R Carbon Fiber Balance Bike Holds Nothing Back

Spare no expense. Extravagant. Lavish. No limits. Grandiose. Over the top. Go for it! For every designer and engineer, these are the words you hear when you are handed your dream project. And, those are precisely the instructions the Strider team was given. Soon after, the Strider ST-R® Carbon Fiber Balance Bike was born.

Strider has worked hard over the last decade to design balance bikes that are innovative, high quality, affordable, and available for the masses. But for this project, we decided to “let our hair down” and get a little crazy. And this bike is seriously cool!

“As motorheads and bike geeks, we love trying out cool new stuff. So, we decided it was time to cut loose, have some fun, and build out that top-of-the-line bike that showcased what a Strider would be if market constraints and monetary considerations were removed.”

Ryan McFarland, Strider’s founder, CEO, and Chief Enthusiast

Gear heads, perk up. This is your moment.

The Strider ST-R has a carbon fiber frame with a carbon fiber fork and carbon steerer. The headset is a Cane Creek® AER® with bearings. Oh, there’s more! We added custom Strider alloy hubs with cartridge bearings, a thru-axle, and 10-spoke carbon fiber rims wrapped with Schwalbe® “Big Apple” tires. And for the grand finale, threw in a custom stem, handlebar, grips, and seat clamp. We know you can appreciate this balance bike in all its glory, so, we’ll give you a moment to wipe your drool and pull yourself together.

This bike is the epitome of high-end, race-inspired design. The Strider ST-R holds nothing back. It was made for the toddler who plans to dominate Strider Cup races in 2020, or maybe just the neighborhood. It’s for the kid whom you’re grooming for epic rides together or to live vicariously through. Juice boxes and fruit snacks down, clean diapers on, kids, it’s time to shine!

Now, let’s be real. The Strider ST-R comes with a high price tag. We’ve seen all the eye rolls and heard all the naysayers. It’s true. That is oodles of money to spend on a kid who doesn’t even use the toilet yet. Nobody really needs this bike. Nobody really needs to shred singletrack, scale playground equipment, or drop off sandbox ledges. Or do they?