Gift Card



Introducing Strider Bikes Gift Cards – the perfect present for little adventurers! Give the gift of freedom, confidence, and endless fun with our innovative balance bikes. Strider Bikes are designed to teach kids as young as 18 months how to balance and ride on two wheels, setting them on a path to lifelong enjoyment of cycling.

With a Strider Bikes Gift Card, you’re providing a gateway to independence and a world of outdoor exploration. Watch their eyes light up as they experience the joy of gliding effortlessly and mastering their balance. Our bikes are built with lightweight frames, adjustable seats, and handlebars, ensuring a comfortable and customizable fit for every child.

Whether it’s their first bike or an upgrade to the next size, Strider Bikes has you covered. Our gift cards can be used to purchase any of our renowned models, from the 2-in-1 Rocking Bike for toddlers to the Strider 14x for older riders. With our wide range of colors and styles, they’ll have the freedom to choose a bike that matches their personality and style.

Strider Bikes Gift Cards are not just a present; they’re an investment in a child’s physical and cognitive development. Our bikes promote balance, coordination, and self-confidence while fostering a love for outdoor activities. So why wait? Give the gift of adventure today with a Strider Bikes Gift Card, and let their journey on two wheels begin!