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Need a last-minute deal? Get a blue or pink Strider Classic 2-in-1 Rocking Bike for just $179.98!
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  • Red Strider Sport Rocking Bike

    Strider Sport 2-in-1 Rocking Bike

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  • Silver Strider Pro Rocking Bike

    Strider Pro 2-in-1 Rocking Bike

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  • Blue Strider 12 Sport

    Strider 12 Sport

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  • Silver Strider 12 Pro balance bike

    Strider 12 Pro

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  • Metallic Aqua Strider 12 Pro bike frame

    Strider Pro Frame and Fork Kit

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  • Studio view of Totally Tangerine Strider 14x Sport bike in balance mode

    Strider 14x

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  • Studio shots of all seven available colors of Strider Ultralight Wheels arranged in a circle

    Strider Ultralight Wheel

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  • Mini grips collection

    Strider Sport/Pro Grips

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  • Studio photo of all colors of Strider Classic/14x Grips

    Strider Classic/ 14x Grips

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  • Studio photo of the Strider Rocking Base

    Strider Rocking Base

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  • Studio image of uninstalled Easy-Ride Pedal Kit

    Strider 14x Easy-Ride Pedal Kit

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  • Contents of Strider 12 Snow Skis package

    Strider 12 Snow Skis (Set)

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  • Studio photo of Strider 14 Snow Skis

    Strider 14x Sport Snow Skis (Set)

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  • Studio lineup of red, blue, white, and pink ST-R Full-Face Helmets

    Strider ST-R Full-Face Helmet

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  • Strider Splash helmet

    Strider Splash Helmet

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