Strider Classic/ 14x Grips



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Compatible with the Strider 12″ Classic and Strider 14x. Also compatible with all Strider Aluminum and ST-R handlebars.

The standard grips for the Strider 12 Classic and Strider 14x Sport models are designed to perfectly fit little hands. The soft-touch material makes adventures comfortable whether it’s up and down the sidewalk, a dirt track, or even out on the trails. They’re the perfect way to add a little zing and color while making the bike unique to your little rider.

Grips sold in pairs.

Strider Classic/14x Grips – Blue – SKU: PGRIP-12-222L-BL, UPC: 894634002642
Strider Classic/14x Grips – Black – SKU: PGRIP-12-222L-BK, UPC: 894634002659
Strider Classic/14x Grips – Green – SKU: PGRIP-12-222L-GN, UPC: 894634002666
Strider Classic/14x Grips – Pink – SKU: PGRIP-12-222L-PK, UPC: 894634002673
Strider Classic/14x Grips – Red – SKU: PGRIP-12-222L-RD, UPC: 894634002680
Strider Classic/14x Grips – Orange – SKU: PGRIP-12-222L-OR, UPC: 894634002697
Strider Classic/14x Grips – Yellow – SKU: PGRIP-12-222L-YE, UPC: 894634002710

Compatible with the Strider 12 Classic and Strider 14x Bikes

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