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3 Ways Getting Kids Outside to Play in the Winter Benefits Parents

It’s hard to say who gets hit with winter cabin fever worse, parents or kids. Our guess is parents. 

The bouncing off of walls, tearing up the house, and bugging siblings probably bothers kids a lot less than parents. A weekend stuck inside with small children can feel like a nasty practical joke. Yet, on the other hand, suiting them up for outdoor winter play can seem like a lofty task. By the time the socks, mittens, snow pants, hats, boots, and coats are on, parents end up with a sore back and a kid that needs to go to the bathroom. We know you are a good parent and want the best for your children. You already know that outdoor play is good for your kids. At Strider, we wanted to give you a little extra incentive to go through the incredible hassle that is preparing kids to go out in the cold by pointing out ways it will make your life as a parent a bit easier.

  • 1. Keeps Them Healthy

    Playing outside in the winter is one of the best ways to avoid germs. People tend to congregate inside when the weather gets nippy. Turns out, winter germs prefer the indoors as well. This is a formula for sniffly (or worse) kids and extra work for parents who care for them. Not only will your kiddos be escaping germs when they play outside, but they will get a little extra Vitamin D which is important for healthy bones, a stronger immune system, and an increased amount of serotonin in the brain which helps boost their mood. Even a little bit of sunshine goes a long way. A healthy kid in a good mood?! That’s the stuff parenting dreams are made of.

  • 2. Helps Them Sleep

    When kids go outside to play, they usually don’t just sit around. They run, skip, jump, build, crawl, throw, and hang. It may not seem like it to them, but they are getting great exercise. From decreased anxiety to gross-motor development, kids get zillions of benefits from moving their bodies. But, let’s focus on one that directly benefits parents as well – sleep. In his article, “Your Kid’s Brain on Exercise,” R. Morgan Griffin says, “Kids who exercise regularly fall asleep faster than other kids. They also stay asleep longer. The more vigorous the activity, the bigger the sleep benefit. Getting enough sleep lifts moods, improves judgment, and boosts memory.” A parent with a soundly sleeping baby is a happy parent!

  • 3. Gets Them Connected

    The struggle for parents to monitor and limit screentime is an ever-increasing uphill battle. The conflict leaves many parents feeling exhausted and even a bit guilty. When kids play outside, it’s an opportunity to unplug from screens and connect to nature. When playing outside in the winter, kids can make discoveries and observations that cannot be made at other times of the year. This sparks curiosity and excitement. It is harder to convince kids to go outside and play when they have spent four months inside on a screen. Getting outside regularly keeps their enthusiasm alive. The more kids enjoy being outside, the more they want to be outside, the more the whole family reaps the benefits.

Now that you are ready to bundle your kids up and take them out, let us recommend the best winter activity since S’mores around a bonfire – Strider Snow Skis. Your children’s bikes do not have to collect dust and frost in the shed all winter. Strider Snow Skis turn everyone’s favorite summer activity into their favorite winter one too! The Snow Skis strap on to the wheels of all Strider 12” Bikes, and now, the Strider 14x as well!

Part bike, part sled, part winter powder pony, these Snow Skis are a winter play must-have. They are easy to put on the bike and require no tools because we know you’ve already spent enough time and energy getting your kids ready to go out. Take your new snowmobile to glide through parks, over hard-packed trails, or to the local sledding hill. If you want to make a full day of it, some ski lodges allow Strider Bikes with skis on the bunny/beginner slopes. There are so many adventures to be had with Strider Snow Skis. While your little one is out shredding, they will also be continuing to build balance, core stability, and coordination so their riding skills don’t go into winter hibernation. The truth is, when you take time to play outside with your family, no matter the weather, you (almost) never regret it.