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Who Are They Becoming?

Every parent wants their child to have the freedom to be truly themself. As your child grows, you probably start to notice all of the ways it is increasingly difficult for them to do so. In a world with glossy magazine pages, social media perfection, and contrived advertising suggesting that worth is measured in “likes” and pre-set standards, becoming oneself takes courage, confidence, grit, and resilience. That’s where Strider comes in.

We know that learning to ride isn’t JUST about the end goal of pedaling, but about everything children gain in the process.

Think back to the day you became a parent and scooped that tiny, squishy baby into your arms for the first time. You looked down and felt like you could stare at that miraculous face forever. Do you remember the thoughts that were swirling through your head? Besides the basic, “what the heck do I do now?” panic, you probably thought about what kinds of things your child would laugh at, or what their favorite color would be. Maybe you wondered what they would love to do, and felt excited about everything you would one day teach them. What would they be afraid of? What would they be passionate about? You looked down into those brand new eyes and wondered who this astonishing, bitsy baby would one day become. Your life has never been the same since.

That adorable baby started to grow…fast! Parenting is hard and exhausting, and not every day feels as magical as that first. In the beginning, you are constantly busy making sure they don’t eat a marble or crawl off a ledge. Then, you start teaching them colors and how to count. You want to help them hit all of their developmental milestones. You want them to be healthy and happy. You want them to be able to become whatever they want to be. Whatever new stage your child is in, a new parenting stage is initiated. You are both on an unmapped journey together.

From the moment your baby sits on a Strider seat, they are gaining strength and confidence. They experience failure and success. They are becoming determined. They get discouraged by fear and learn to overcome it. They are becoming brave. They learn the thrill of taking risks and the wisdom in slowing down. They are becoming balanced.Riding a bike allows them to make a connection with others, nature, and themselves. They are becoming kind. These skills and character traits spill into the rest of their life as they continue to grow and have new experiences. As children are becoming middle schoolers that turn into teens and eventually leaders in our world, we know that the confidence, determination, and courage that learning to ride instilled is a part of who they are becoming.

Watching your child go from a tiny bundle cozied in the crease of your elbow to a rambunctious toddler racing their Strider Bike down the driveway to whatever else lies ahead, is a wild ride! We hope that you can embrace the imperfect journey that is parenthood. Strider Bikes helps children develop the fortitude it takes to be who they are proudly. As you witness every day what your child is becoming, we hope that you can allow yourself the grace to also continue to grow with them.