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Tips & Tricks

Extend the Life of Your Bike

When your toddler loves something, no amount of negotiating, begging, or bribing can change their stubborn little minds. Parents have perfected the art of sneaking into their sleeping child’s room to pry that foul, favorite stuffed animal or blanket out of those tiny little toddler fingers to wash. And, sometimes when necessary, those shredded favorite pants need to be forcefully retired. Kids get attached to things. Their first bike is no exception.

Your kiddo crushed so many milestones on their first Strider 12” Balance Bike. From barely walking to barreling down the sidewalk, can you really blame them for wanting to keep it forever? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to extend the life of that freedom-mobile while your little tootsie continues to grow.

The Strider XL Handlebars helps change the proportions of the bike to accommodate longer limbs and growing hands. The handlebars extend higher and angle slightly forward. They are also wider and have larger grips. All so your little ripper won’t feel crunched when cruising through parks and over obstacles.

You’re raising the bar, but why stop there? With growing arms usually comes growing legs. The XL Strider Performance Seat allows you to lift the seat even higher so your kiddo can glide to their fullest potential. With diapers eventually on their way out (*high-five*), the seat comes with a little extra cushion to make up for the loss of padding. We think of everything, so you don’t have to.

As long as you are extending the life of your little tyke’s favorite bike, you might as well add the cherry on top with the Strider Heavy-Duty Wheel Set. Skill level grows along with your kid, and these wheels were designed specially to meet them where they are. When we say “heavy-duty,” we mean it. This wheelset is only appropriate for your now older, more adept toddler. The tire tread adds traction for more off-road riding and adds grips when riding on cement. They also help increase your rider’s speed and will reinforce their confidence.

With all of these upgrades, the old Strider 12” is like a new bike, but it’s not; it is still the same first bike your little one fell in love with. Even when your kiddo is ready to move on to a “big kid bike” like the 14x, they’ll still be able to pull this one out and cruise around from time to time.

You already scored a parenting win by getting your little one a Strider in the first place. Now, go for the parenting gold star with these simple upgrades to extend the life of that bike. Take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Put your feet up and relax – at least until the next glass of spilled milk or “almost” made it to the bathroom moment needs your attention.