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Rules & Regulations

Strider Event Weather Policy


To further clarify:

  • If you get up and it is pouring rain, the race is a go.
  • If it is snowing, the race is a go.
  • If it is hot, the race is a go.
  • If it is cold, the race is a go.

Please plan to dress everybody accordingly and use your judgement regarding your child’s limitations.

If weather conditions are “severe” (such as a tornado warning, tornado watch, thunderstorm, electrical storm, heavy rain, flooding, etc.), the event will be delayed until such conditions pass. If the delay exceeds 6 hours, the event will be cancelled.

If we must cancel the race due to severe weather conditions, emails will be sent to all registered racers, and announcements will be made on Strider’s social networking channels.

Packet pickup will be on-site and available regardless of conditions. Race fees are non-refundable. If the race is cancelled a $50 gift certificate will be mailed to all affected racers. If the race is cancelled and the racer has not picked up the registration bag, the bag is forfeited and will not be mailed out post event.

These races have no backup race days.