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Rules & Regulations

Strider Event – Tech Inspection

Tech Inspection is a means to both ensure rules compliance at Strider races and at the same time ensure that safety concerns of both the racer and the other participants are addressed.

All bikes, riders, and helmets will need to go through a basic safety and tech inspection. We’ll be looking for any sharp edges (quite often on grips that have worn through), no brake systems are allowed on 12 bikes, loose parts, over-extended seats and handlebars, properly rotating tires, that the bike is a genuine Strider Bike, and any other obvious safety concerns. We also verify that each racer’s helmet is properly fit.

Ideally, we prefer to take care of Tech Inspection on Fridays prior to Saturday races at the packet pickup locations so any concerns that need to be addressed can be taken care of prior to the race in a calm, non-rushed atmosphere. Packet pickup also gives us time to explain what to expect on race day and answer any questions you may have. However, if you are unable to come to packet picket on Friday, we can do the Tech Inspection on race day. Please just make sure you arrive in plenty of time before your child’s race time (at least 45 minutes).

The following points are some major areas of inspection but not meant as a complete listing:

Rule-Based Inspection Points

  • Only Strider Balance Bikes are permitted to race. Identification can be done by:
    • Hologram “Genuine Strider”
    • Serial number
    • Bike logo
    • Visual Inspection
  • “No modifications of bike frame or fork are allowed”:
    • “Stock wheelbase required”
    • “Use of stock wheel-mounting locations required”
  • “Aftermarket components such as wheels, seats, and handlebars are acceptable (except for brake systems on 12 bikes) but are subject to safety inspection by a Strider official”.
  • No Brake Systems allowed at all on 12 bikes but are allowed on 14x races.
  • Reference rules for handlebar specifications. (12 Rules; 14 Rules)
  • All rules must be adhered to. Please reference rules for complete listing.

Non-Rule Inspection Points

  • No sharp edges anywhere on the bike due to any type of modifications, wear or malfunctions.
  • Broken parts – In general any broken or malfunctioning parts that may cause a safety concern.
  • Properly tightened and assembled parts.
  • Grips – full intact ends so as not to create sharp edges.
  • Tires
    • Properly attached
    • Rotating properly
  • Handlebars
    • Properly tightened
    • Minimum insertion point adhered to
  • Seat
    • Properly tightened with the Easy Adjust Clamp.
    • Minimum insertion point adhered to
  • Number Plate
    • Is properly secured
    • Zip Ties are trimmed and tucked under

Please note as stated in the rules “Parents or guardians are responsible for complying with all rules”.

NOTE: Not included in the tech inspection but starting line observations include some of the following from the rules:

  • “Bikes must be properly fitted to the rider with final decision being make by the Strider official.”
  • “All riders must wear a helmet.”
  • “No slip-on shoes or sandals are allowed (full toe coverage is required).”
  • “Safety gear such as long pants, long-sleeve shirt, elbow/knee pads, and gloves are