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Need a last-minute deal? Get a blue or pink Strider Classic 2-in-1 Rocking Bike for just $179.98!

The BEST balance bike just got TWICE AS GOOD! It’s time to DOUBLE down with the STRIDER DOUBLE TROUBLE!

This bike is da!

Tell all those other balance bike wannabes to talk to the hand🖐 because if it ain’t doubled – you ain’t listening! This bike has it all – DOUBLE the toddler power – DOUBLE the hair-raising excitement – DOUBLE the grips – DOUBLE the smiles – and most importantly DOUBLE THE BALANCE!

Years of intense engineering and rigorous testing have brought us the STRIDER DOUBLE TROUBLE – a new level in balance bike awesomeness! No need to unwillingly share a bike back and forth between kiddos. Now they BOTH can ride and conquer those strides DOUBLE time! 

Your littles are going to turn DOUBLE the heads as they whizz by at DOUBLE the speed!

Strider Double Trouble

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