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Boy stands in his underwear and rolls 12" Strider Sport off a stump

Being You Day

What if everyone had blue hair? What if we all wore orange socks? What if kids everywhere had a dog named Spot? 

The truth is, the world would be pretty boring if we all were exactly the same. We weren’t meant to fit the same mold. Variety and individuality are what makes us special! May 22nd is International “Being You Day”; this is a day to celebrate our differences and uniqueness. We are all perfect in our own ways!

One way to encourage individuality is to make sure that your child has confidence! Kiddos with confidence, as we all know, are unstoppable. You can help your little ones build a sense-of-self by showing them how awesome they are. Confidence and high self-esteem give children the courage to try new things and make new friends!  

Here are a few fun ways to celebrate “Being You Day”

  1. Have your kiddo write down 3 things that makes them DIFFERENT and why they’re grateful for those things!  Then add why YOU like those specific differences to that list. It will make their hearts sing and let them know you appreciate their uniqueness.

  2. Grab your phone and snap a few photos of your children making their silliest faces!! Develop the pics and hang them on your refrigerator with pride.

  3. Another way let your kiddos express their individuality is to let them create their own bike using the Strider Bike Builder. Let their imaginations run wild and start creating the perfect bike that they designed themselves!  Their creativity will shine through, and they will have a bike that’s truly one of a kind!
Girl in a princess dress runs on her Strider Bike
“Today you are you. That’s truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!”
Dr. Suess