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We’re changing the game. AGAIN

No pedals. No training wheels. Just confidence, coordination, and the freedom to explore the world on two wheels. The Strider Balance Bike changed the way kids everywhere learn to ride.

Now we’re taking a victory lap with the Strider UNO, the world’s first balance unicycle. If your child can walk, your child can ride, and the Strider UNO lets them do just that. Featuring the same lightweight, durable construction and no-flat foam rubber tires as our Strider 12 Balance Bikes, the Strider Uno can handle anything your one-wheeled dynamo can throw at it…or throw it at.

Gotcha! A girl points and laughs while holding onto a Strider Uno. Seriously, you couldn't ride that thing.


Sorry! We know kids are awesome and can do just about anything, so we won’t go so far as to say they couldn’t ride the UNO. But since it just exists in photographs and our fabricators’ workshop, we will say that we can’t let you buy it.